Evolv DNA 250 Color


The Evolv DNA 250C is a power regulation digital switch-mode DC-DC converter controller board. The DNA 250 Color features Evolv’s patented Wattage Control, Patent Pending Replay and Temperature Protection, onboard actuators and Preheat/ Boost control. The DNA 250C is also equipped with USB On-The-Go, Reverse Polarity Protection, an onboard programmable multicolor LED,
waterproof onboard buttons, and a real-time calendar and clock. The DNA 250C uses Synchronous Rectification for optimal battery life, maximum efficiency and minimum operational heat generation. The board user display utilizes a bright 160 x 80 pixel Color TFT Screen.

Designed for simplicity of use while allowing complete customization, the Evolv DNA 250C is vaping down to a science.