***These Cricket’s will have cosmetic blemishes that do not affect function. This may include, but is not limited to, machining marks under the finish, scratches, nicks, and slight variations in color.  Blemished units DO NOT include accessories or standard packaging but DO carry a full 1 year factory warranty.***

Cricket is the world’s first real go-anywhere dab rig. Get glass smooth flavor and huge clouds 2 seconds after taking it out of your pocket. Whether you use it one puff at a time or for a whole session, Cricket can go back in your pocket 5 seconds later without leaking or burning you. With a built in loading tool and puck, Cricket is all you’ll need for a day out.

-Taste every terp with tightly controlled, adjustable temperature.
-CFD engineered airflow to deliver waterpipe smooth and dense vapor with no messy water required.
-Glass chimney for the cleanest taste.
-Extremely efficient: over 90% of the concentrate loaded is delivered to you. That means less
wasted material and a little dab delivers big effects.
-Heats in less than 2 seconds and cools within 5 second.
-A full day’s use per charge.
-CNC Machined from billet stainless steel.
-Made in the USA.

You can get other smooth devices, or you can buy other small devices, but if you demand both, anywhere, anytime, every puff, Cricket is the only choice for you.

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